October 2017 Newsletter

The Alpha Advisor

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ON MATT’S HEART                                        OCTOBER 2017

Church family, 

I want to take a few moments to share with you the experience I had recently at the New Room Conference in Franklin, TN.  When I told some of you I was going, I was asked questions like, “What’s this conference about?” and “What’s the theme?”  I honestly had a hard time answering those questions.  Because the great thing about New Room is that there is no theme other than seeking the face of God to renew us and awaken us.  It’s simple.

And God moved in a powerful way while we were there. I was personally touched and inspired by what I saw and experienced at New Room.  Sara Beth, Janice, Larry, and I spent three days soaking in the presence of Christ as we heard about great things he is doing around the country and around the world.

Sandra Richter reminded us of the steps all great movements of God have in common.  That we must re-discover the basics of the Word, act in obedience, cast out our idols, and turn to God for our strength.  She challenged us that if we want an awakening in the church, we have to be willing to obey even when obedience is difficult, and to stick to the Word of God no matter what.

Bishop James Swanson preached about the importance of not getting comfortable in our faith, but to remember that Christianity has always been a movement, and that requires us to move.  We must never be complacent, but rather seek Christ, find out where he’s going, and be willing to follow him anywhere.

Sandy Millar reminded us that God wants us to have victory over sin, and that he has promised us victory.  That we can ask of God the things that we need, and he will provide for us.  That the ministry of the Holy Spirit is a real and present truth in our lives, and that we have neglected the Spirit far too often.

It truly was a great conference.  I have purchased the recordings of all the conference sessions, and I’m excited to share them with you.  

In line with what we learned at New Room, Alpha is going to dedicate our Wednesday night services to leaning into prayer.  We’re going to be learning about new ways to pray and spending time on our knees asking God to show us what’s next.  This is going to be a season of seeking out the heart of God for Alpha, asking him to lead us into what’s next.  I’m excited to be a part of it with you.  If you need to have an extra dose of the Spirit in your life right now, I encourage you to join us on Wednesday nights.

God lit a fire under those of us who were blessed to attend New Room.  I’m praying that fire will spread to our whole church that we might experience a season of renewal and awakening at Alpha like we’ve never seen before.

As always, it’s a privilege and a joy to be your pastor,

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ANNOUNCEMENTS                           OCTOBER 2017


The church will have a Safe Sanctuaries class on Sunday, October 1 at 11:30 for anyone who wants to work with our children and youth. Lunch will be served.  Remember, you need to be recertified every year so everyone that works with our young people should make plans to attend if possible. If you have not attended the class previously, please be prepared with the names and addresses of three contacts (not related to you) for references.

The ladies of the church are invited to celebrate Kara and Michael Bunch’s new arrival on Saturday, October 1 at 2:00.  Kara is registered at Babies R Us, Target and Walmart.

The Church Council will meet Sunday, October 15 at 6:00 p.m.  We will be approving the Charge Conference report so please make every effort to come if you are on the committee. Our Cluster Charge Conference has been rescheduled for November 19

Alpha is participating in the Wesley J. Jenkins Congenital Heart Walk at 6:00 Friday evening, October 13 at Effingham High School.  The event begins at 6:00.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in the walk by buying luminaries, making donations to walkers or collecting pledges and walking yourself.  If you are interested in donating or participating, please contact Dottie Whitfield (912) 429-5719

This year, our Trunk or Treat event will be held on Wednesday, October 25. Please bring decorations for your car and candy to give out to the kids.  We will begin setting up at 5:30, then we'll have supper on the grounds.  We will be having a Costume Contest, Best Carved Pumpkin Contest and prizes for the best decorated car. We always have a great turnout for this community event, so come join in the fun!

Reminder!  The Wednesday Night Supper is a fundraiser for the youth.  The cost is only $3 per person.  If you have not been paying for your dinner, we would appreciate your participation.

Our 1st Annual Smoked Chicken Dinner has been scheduled for the weekend of October 27 (11-2 and 5-7) & 28 (11-2). Tickets are $8 and are available from Terry Jones or the church office to buy for yourself or to sell to friends and family. On Saturday, we will also have a Bake Sale.
We will need help in several areas:
- We need crafts, decorative items and homemade goodies (jams, pickles, etc.)
-  We need pound cakes and brownies for the dinners
- We need all kinds of baked goods for the Bake Sale
- Linda Denhardt would like financial donations to help pay for potato salad ingredients. Any amount over the cost of ingredients will go toward purchasing chicken. 
- We also need people to come help clean chickens on Thursday, Oct 26 (4:00-7:00). 
- Thursday, we need people to begin cooking in the afternoon. There may be additional cook times throughout the weekend.
- Friday, we need people to fill plates, beginning at 8:30 a.m. For the evening sale, we need people to come around 4:00 to get set up. Cleanup crew needs to be in by 7:00.
- Saturday we need cookers beginning at 9:30 and servers at 10:00. Cleanup crew is needed at 2:00 pm.


October 1
Susan Sharpe

October 2
Susan Ehret

October 2
Autumn Meushaw

October 3
Abigail Sharpe

October 3
Meredith and Jason Luke

October 5
Dottie Whitfield

October 6
Becky Marsh

October 8
Karen Bennett

October 8
Melissa Allen

October 10
Scotty Allen

October 10
Dewey Hooper III

October 15
Glenda Key

October 17
Cathy and Jason Cribbs

October 22
Fred and Linda Denhardt

October 23
Lisa Davis

October 24
Jay Law

October 24
Billy and Linda Strozier

October 25
Nova Deal

October 29
Jessee Stewart




Trustee of the Month: Bob Reidel
Acolyte: Julia and Dewey Hooper
Ushers: Andy Stafford and Stephen Ehret
Greeters: Gloria HAnsen and Sharon Stewart


October 1: Susan Ehret and Margel Winn
October 8: Nancy Hammond and Johanna Redeye
October 15: Willene Stone and George Vickery
October 22: Betty Burke and Walter Sapp
October 29: Susan Ehret and Margel Winn
Wednesday Night:

October 4:       Cooking: Susan Ehret
                        Dessert: Chris & Lucy Jones
                        Cleaning: UMYF

October 11:    Cooking: Janice Winn
                       Dessert: Linda Denhardt
                       Cleaning: Janice and Karen

October 18:    Cooking: Margel Winn           
                       Dessert: Gloria Hansen          
                       Cleaning: NEED HELP

October 25:    TRUNK OR TREAT                   
                       Dessert: Dottie Whitfield    
                       Cleaning: Linda Denhardt