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October 2019 Newsletter


A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR           October 2019
Hi church family!
On Sunday mornings in October and November, we’re going to embark on a sermon series that explores the book of Revelation.  I’m so excited to be preaching through this book!  But I understand that this is a controversial book of the bible, and I wanted to walk you all through some of the reasonings for why I believe it’s important for us to study this part of scripture, and why it’s important for us to do it now.
There are two basic postures most folks have to the book of Revelation.  Some folks are practically obsessed with it. You’ve got folks who turn on the news every night and find something that confirms to the belief that We Are Living In The Last Days!!!!!!!  The fact that people have been saying that exact same thing for a couple thousand years doesn’t seem to dissuade them that now, for real, for really, really, real, we are near the end of days.
The other camp is folks that want to avoid it at all costs.  Who cares about what happens in the future?  As long as we keep our heads down, focus on the here and now, God will work out the end, and we don’t need to worry about it.  Plus, all those symbols and word pictures seem weird.  A seven headed beast chasing a pregnant woman?  No thank you.  These folks are content to let God handle all manner of beasts, no matter how many heads they have, and they don’t want to be involved.
There is very little middle ground between these folks.  You don’t meet a lot of people who are casually interested in biblical prophecy.  You’re either all in, or you’re not all that curious.
I believe that’s where we’re called to be, however.  Revelation is a part of God’s word to us, and I believe that God has an important message to believers here and now in its pages.  But I also don’t believe he wants us to be consumed by it.  I don’t think we should be constantly poring over current events trying to shoehorn them into the symbols we read in Revelation.  
The fact is, the end of the book is important.  I can’t imagine reading most of a novel and not worrying about finding out what happens in the last chapter.  In fact, if the end is unsatisfactory, it can retroactively ruin my experience of a whole book.  The good news is that the end of the Bible is a very satisfactory conclusion.  It speaks of a future where God will win over evil and sin.  Where God will reign in perfect righteous harmony.  When we internalize that victory, it gives us the hope to get through the rough times we may face now.  
So I don’t want us to obsess over futures.  I don’t want us to break out timelines and charts or anything like that.  But I do want us to come to worship with ears to hear what the Father wants us to learn about the end of the book, and to walk away with the hope that we serve a righteous, victorious King.
I’m looking forward to this ride with all of you!
As always, it’s a joy and privilege to be your pastor,


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ANNOUNCEMENTS                    October 2019

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The Alpha Fit exercise class has been cancelled due to other commitments by the teacher.  If we decide to resume at a later date, we will let you know.  Thank you to all who participated in the class!

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The Annual Coastal District (North) Charge Conference has been scheduled for Sunday, October 20 at 3:00 p.m. at White Bluff UMC (11911 White Bluff Rd in Savannah) This is when the Charge Conference report, along with the 2020 nominees for lay positions, the 2020 budget and the 2020 Pastor’s salary are approved.  If you are interested in the business of the church, you are encouraged to attend.  Speak to Pastor Matt if you would like to carpool. 



 Our Annual Chicken Dinner has been scheduled for the weekend of October 25 (11-2 and 5-7) & 26 (11-2). Tickets are $8 and are available from the church office to buy for yourself or to sell to friends and family. Saturday, we will also have a Bake Sale.

We will need help in several areas:

-  We need pound cakes and brownies for the dinners

 - We need all kinds of baked goods for the Bake Sale

 - Linda Denhardt would like financial donations to help pay for potato salad ingredients. Any amount over the cost of ingredients will go toward purchasing chicken. 

 - We also need people to come help clean chickens on Thursday, Oct 24 (approx. 4:00-7:00). 

 - Friday, we need people to begin cooking around 8:00 or 8:30. We need people to fill plates beginning at 9:00. For the evening sale, we need people to come around 4:00 to get set up. Cleanup crew needs to be in by 7:00.

- Saturday we need cookers beginning at 9:30 and servers at 10:00. Cleanup crew is needed at 2:00 p.m.                            



Our annual Trunk or Treat will be Wednesday, October 30 at 6:00.  Decorate your car and come hand out candy to the neighborhood kids.  We will have free hotdogs, costume contests and a pumpkin carving contest (carve at home please) for kids and adults, as well as a “best decorated” car prize.

**Vote for your favorite pumpkin with your change**

All proceeds will benefit the Backpack Buddies program.

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Oct. 2: Autumn Meushaw

Oct. 2: Susan Ehret

Oct. 3: Kara Bunch

Oct. 3: Jason & Meredith Luke

Oct. 5: Dottie Whitfield

Oct. 6: Kelley & Zach Lego

Oct. 6: Becky Marsh

Oct. 8: Karen Bennett

Oct. 8: Melissa Allen

Oct. 10: Dewey Hooper

Oct. 10: Scotty Allen

            Oct. 16: Michael Venturelli

Oct. 17: Cathy & Jason Cribbs

Oct. 22: Fred & Linda Denhardt

Oct. 25: Nova Deal

Oct. 29: Jessee Stewart


Trustee of the Month: 
Shirley Sapp
Olivia Stout and Clark Madden
Stephen Ehret and John Denion
Barbara Rawlings and Lily Mae Stafford

Deatre Denion


Oct 6: Deatre Denion and NEEDS HELP

Oct. 13: Deatre Denion and NEEDS HELP

Oct 20: Deatre Denion and NEEDS HELP

Oct 27: Deatre Denion and NEEDS HELP


Wednesday Night:   

Oct 2:

Cook: Susan Ehret

Dessert: Dottie Whitfield

Cleaning: UMYF

Oct 9:

Cook : Janice Stricklin

Dessert: The Legos

Cleaning: The Legos

Oct 16:

Cook: Stacy Fraelle

Dessert: Linda Denhardt

Cleaning: Nancy Hammond

Oct 23:

Cook: UMW

Dessert: Susan Ehret

Cleaning: NEED HELP

Oct 30: Trunk or Treat




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