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June newsletter

June 2019 Newsletter


Dear Alpha family,
As I write this, Annual Conference will begin in a few days. This session of Annual Conference will be a special one for me.  On Monday, June 3rd I will be commissioned by Bishop Bryan as a provisional elder in our conference.  I’m excited to take this leap!
I want to take a moment to thank each and every person at Alpha.  I wouldn’t be here without you.  This church has nurtured and supported me and my family in every way possible.  Y’all have shown us love, friendship, kindness, and patience in a way that is truly special.  I know that God appointed me to this church for a reason.  You truly feel like family.
So as I go up to have the Bishop lay hands on me and commission me as a provisional elder, I feel like I’m taking all of you up with me.  
You may be wondering what this step in my calling means for our church.  Well, it means that you now have a provisional elder as a pastor.  My status in the conference is different, but my status as your pastor is not.  By God’s grace, I will continue to serve here at Alpha as I will be appointed here for another joyous year. 
I’m looking forward to what God has in store for Alpha in the coming year, as we continue to look out into the Bloomingdale and surrounding areas for how God wants us to share his love and concern for folks here.  As our area continues to grow and develop, we have more and more opportunities to let folks know about the life-changing love of Jesus. 
Thanks again for being a fantastic church.  I look forward to facing the challenges of the coming year together, and leaning into the grace that God has so freely given us.
As always, it’s a joy and privilege to be your pastor,

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ANNOUNCEMENTS                    JUNE 2019

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Come join us for "SHIPWRECKED Rescued by Jesus" VBS June 17-21 6:00-8:30. Ages 4 years to rising 6th graders. Supper will be served nightly. Click here to register.  For our mission this year, we will be collecting for our Backpack Buddies at Bloomingdale Elementary.  We will publish a list of needs for this soon. 

Don’t forget!  We will have our annual “Ice Cream for Supper” following the closing Friday night! 

We will be decorating the church for VBS on Saturday, June 15 at 10:00 a.m.  If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.  We'll be moving furniture, painting, hanging posters and signs, etc.

If you can help teach a center, shepherd the kids from class to class, work in the nursery or work behind the scenes (decorating, cooking, photo taking, etc.) please contact Pastor Matt or Kelley Lego. 

We need the following donations for the classes:  
Green and brown spray paint
Blue, green and brown plastic table cloths
Tiki torches and Camp chairs
LARGE pieces of cardboard/ boxes (to make palm trees)
Fake palm trees (please put your name on them)
12-16 oz water/cola bottles WITH LIDS
Small boiling potatoes (like 2-3” diameter) 
Don't buy until week before VBS please!~ 
Non-bendy straws
4 Glass bottles (opening just smaller than an egg)

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We are almost halfway through our softball season already and we need you to come out and support your team!  We are doing very well and more support will encourage our players to do better.  All games are played at Taylor Park on Pine Barren Road. Check the church calendar for game times.   

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On Sunday evening, June 23, we will be celebrating our high school graduates, Katy Stricklin and Hogan Cribbs!  Join us for supper on Sunday, June 23 at 6:00 as we celebrate their accomplishments. 

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The June Bloomingdale Table will be on Thursday, June 27 at 6:30 at the Bloomingdale Community Center Pavilion. We will be planning the menu soon and will let you know how you can help.  

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We will be recognizing all of our graduates at an upcoming morning service.  If you have a child or grandchild who is graduating from Pre-K, Elementary school, Middle school, High school or College, please let the church office know.  Please note any honors designation and if they are graduating from college, please let us know their degree. 

We have begun livestreaming our Sunday sermons for those of you who may miss a Sunday!  Join us at approx 10:55 on  the Alpha United Methodist page (not the Alpha UMC group) soon after church.  Click on the picture to be linked to the site.

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June 1: Ellen Hooper
June 1: Kurt and Emily Shuman
June 8: Mathilda Luke
June 11: Daniel Davis
June 13: Justin Wood
June 14: Julia Koskela
June 14: Eric Stafford
June 16: Sharon& Bill Stewart
June 16: Rusty Denhardt
June 17: Ezra Shuman
June 17: Sarah Hackney
June 18: Carl Clements
June 19: Lucy Jones
June 20: Thomas Davis
June 22: Willene Stone
June 24: Julie and Reggie Miller
June 25: Karen & John Bennett
June 25: Riley Davis
June 25: Wesley Davis
June 26: Amber and Matt Cary
June 26: Lisa Kaapa
June 28 Dalton Rushing
June 29: Erin Madden 


Trustee of the Month: Brian Ehret
Acolyte: Maggie Jones and Emmy Zachary
Ushers: Terry Jones and Scott Jones
Greeters: Dottie Whitfield and Autumn Venturelli

Deatre Denion

June 2: Deatre Denion/ NEED HELPER
June 9: Deatre Denion/ NEED HELPER
June 16: Deatre Denion/ NEED HELPER
June 23: Deatre Denion/ NEED HELPER
June 30: Deatre Denion/ NEED HELPER 



Hogan Cribbs graduated from High School

Christians Around the World
The Prayer Team
Our Nation
Children's Ministry Leaders
Our Military
The Bloomingdale Table
First Responders

Willene Stone
Lois Clements
Rev. Kenny and Shari Harrelson
Janice and Larry Stricklin

Gladys Becton
Residents of Magnolia Manor

Richard Slater
Sydney Fowler

48th Brigade (National Guard)

Family of Randy Wobrock (Judy Edwards' son-in-law)

HOSPITAL (Not Local):
William Bell (Heather Davis' dad)

George Vickery and Betty Vickery
Reggie Miller
Ginger Palmer
Karen Glover
Cathy Cribbs
Sandy Roach
Ruthie Brown (James' mother)
Mary Brewer
Mary Smith
Danny Miller
Geneva and Martin Collins
Dennis Baxter
Kim Poplin
Reid Crosby
Matt Hearn
Walter Parker
Richard Hackney
Gwen Cox
Kenny Bibb
Nona Joyner
Jenny Myers (Terry’s sister)
Bob Riedel
Zella Waters
Jason Groth (Sara Beth's friend)
Sydney Fowler
Gene Knight
Joe Heavner
Bonnie Acquilino
Thom  Miles
Michael Mason
Mike Unger
Betty Knight 
Ruchi Family
Jamie Leckband (Susan's friend)
Ruth Stout
Wes Robinson (Sandy’s nephew)
William Bell (Heather's father)
Fred Denhardt