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August newsletter

August 2019 Newsletter


A NOTE FROM THE PASTOR           August 2019
Hi church family! I’m about to get a bit personal in this month’s newsletter.

The month of July has been a stressful one for me. Between Sara Beth’s heart issues, replacing the floor in the parsonage, traveling to see family, and regular home and work things, it got a bit overwhelming.

There was a moment for me recently when it all got to be a bit too much. I was moving all my stuff to have the floors worked on, then loading my family and my dogs up and driving to Tennessee, all while trying to keep Sara Beth’s heart relaxed and stress free. I had a moment where I felt like it was all too much.

But then God spoke to me in that moment. God met me there and gave me a word. I felt God telling me to be grateful. God showed me all the things that were causing me stress were also reasons to have gratitude.

I work at a church that cares enough about me and my family to keep up our parsonage with nice new floors. Not only that, but when we asked for help moving the heavy stuff and pulling up carpet, tons of people came out to help. It was wonderful.

I have kids who are well behaved (mostly) and easy to manage. They’re a constant delight and blessing.

I have parents who want to see me and give me a place to go and all kinds of other support. I have a sister who is great to be around and loves my kids. I have a mother-in-law who has come to stay with us and give us enormous help.

Before we even knew about any health problems, the church gave us a wonderful welcome back lunch and gave us an overwhelming gift which has given us a tremendous boost as we started this difficult month. I can’t thank all of you enough.

People have sent all kinds of cards, gifts, meals, and visits that have shown concern and care in so many different ways. We are surrounded by the greatest faith family we could ever ask for.

I have a wife who is alive. I could have lost her, but God was faithful and I didn’t. She is here and she is wonderful and she is with us.

The stress is real. Just because we have faith, it doesn’t mean we won’t get stressed or overwhelmed. But the more we can approach our lives with a sense of gratitude, the more we can handle the stress in a productive way. Because God has given us much. Even in difficult times, it’s a great spiritual practice to be grateful. And when we can see our lives through a lens of gratitude, we can see that we are not alone. And that can give us the strength to carry on.

As always, it’s a joy and privilege to be your pastor,


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ANNOUNCEMENTS                    August 2019

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Next Sunday, we will celebrate the beginning of the school year with a "kid-friendly" service and a Blessing of the Backpacks! Bring your backpack and invite your friends to bring their backpacks!  Let's kick off the new year 

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 There has been a schedule change to the regular meeting of the Trustees and 2 new meetings added to the calendar for this month.  The Trustees will meet at 6:00 on Tuesday, Aug 6 (instead of 6:30)  In Addition, the Staff-Parish Committee will meet at 6:30 Aug 6 to discuss important business.  Please be there if possible.  Also, it is Charge Conference season.  If you are on the Lay Leadership Committee, the first planning meeting will be on Monday, August 26 at 6:30 p.m.


 Our RECHARGE Wendesday night programs will be resuming on September 4.  This is a great time to start coming and get recharged midweek!  We have supper at 5:45 ($4 per person) then Bible Study for Adults, Bible and Music for kids aged preK-5th grade and Youth Group for 6th grade and up.  A nursery is provided 6:30-7:30.

***Keep an eye out for the dessert/cleanup sign up sheet!***




The United Methodist women will resume regular monthly meetings in August with a joint meeting on August 19 at 6:30 p.m. in the social hall.




The United Methodist Women will be having their Leadership meeting on Saturday, August 10 at Ellabell UMC.  The District Leadership meeting will be at 9:00 am and the Local Leadership will meet at 10:00 am.  Contact Gloria Hansen for more information


The choir will begin practicing again on September 4.  Please be in prayer about whether you are being called to participate in this ministry.



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Our annual Charge Conference will be coming up in early Octobe and we will be looking for committee volunteers for 2020.  Please be in prayer about how you can serve YOUR church family this upcoming year.


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August 1: Tom Straub

August 2: Brittni Miller

August 4: Hannah Clements

August 7: Isla Cary

August 10: Dewey Hooper Jr

August 12: Roseanne Hearn

August 15: Donald Rushing

August 16: Amanda Brewer

August 17: Julia Hooper

August 18: Ashley Stafford

August 18: Eli Koskela

August 23: Richard Hackney

August 25: Kendall Ehret

August 26: Meredith Luke

August 27: Ashley Whitfield

August 29: Billy Strozier

August 29: Kara & Michael Bunch

August 31: Terry and Janet Jones



Trustee of the Month: 
Janice Miller
Eli and Julia Koskela
Chris Jones and Andy Stafford
Karen Bennett and Lily Mae Stafford

Janice Miller


August 4: Sandy Roach and Willene Stone

August 11: Kelley Lego and Stephen Ehret

August 18: Willene Stoner and Sarah Hackney

August 25:  




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